Using lighting to design a calm space ​

Using lighting to design a calm space  ​

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After a busy and tiring day, we all like to seek refuge in a quiet and secluded place to rest. Designing a cozy space has many ways and methods, one of which is proper lighting. In this article, we are going to take a look at the interior design of two apartments, where the designers tried to achieve a calm atmosphere by using the right colors and lighting.

The main feature of these houses is the use of LED lighting, which is used in most parts of the house, such as above the cabinets and the kitchen counter, living room and behind the bathroom mirrors. The use of these lightings, along with the dark gray color palette, has created a cozy and calm atmosphere. Luxury textures and furniture are used to complete these decorations.

The first house in this article was designed by Z.Design architecture group. The living room is combined with the kitchen, and gray color is used in the decor of the two parts, and the LED lighting above the cabinets is coordinated with the living room lighting and creates a calm atmosphere.

The second house was designed and implemented by Igor Sirotov Architecture Group. This house is designed with a gray color palette and most of the accessories used in the house are gray in color. To complete this design and to induce a sense of relaxation and a cozy space design, LED lighting is also used in different areas such as the living room, behind the mirrors. Bathroom and bedroom have been used.

Continue with us to see the pictures of this house.

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